There are 16 Key Business Value Indicators.  Most business owners only understand up to 6 of them.  Some believe that by simply generating more revenue, the value of their business will increase.  But can the higher revenue be sustained long-term?

Understanding how all 16 of these Key Business Value Indicators work in a delicate balance with one another and how each affects the overall value of your business is what we strive to accomplish through our Business Growth Plan process.  And proper planning builds sustainable company value.

As trusted value growth advisers, ROI-Cubed will provide business owners, management and the company's board an assessment that will serve as a foundation in minimizing risk, increasing profits, and eventually a higher intrinsic value.  The assessment can help deliver the vital information in making business decisions throughout the company, whether the company is looking to attract additional capital for growth, or for an eventual succession from the business.  Our assessment process provides a roadmap with accountable steps to help decrease risk and increase the value of your business.

Our consulting services:

  • Help you design an overall strategic vision;

  • Benchmark key indicators for your particular business;

  • Create a business and marketing plan that eventually may become part of an offering memorandum should you decide to sell the company to either a financial or strategic buyer (see our M&A services);

  • Address partnership issues and design a proper buy/sell agreement;

  • Help you and your management team work in a more cohesive and profitable operation with the least risk given your particular industry.

For companies looking to comply to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, our assessment can help assess your readiness and identify important processes for improvement regardless of the products or services you provide.

A good place to start may be by getting an idea of the value of your business.  Click here to link to our licensed software that can give you a starting point on the value of your business**.  All information is strictly confidential and will only be used to provide you a snapshot of your business's value.  Once information is inputted, you will be contacted to review your personalized report.
** Please note, software used to determine the value of your business is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a valuation performed by a credentialed valuator.