Our next goal is to create the right transition or succession plan that will meet all of your personal, family and business goals.

As a business owner, you know how vital you are to the daily success and operation of your business.  But what will happen to your business if you're no longer there for whatever reason?  What is the most profitable transition avenue for you and your family?  How do your options fit within your family’s personal estate plan? And how will your exit impact your business and your employees?

Your privately held business plays a vital role to our overall economy as nearly half the US GDP is produced by private companies just like yours.  Your company has just as much of an ongoing concern as any publicly traded company.  With nearly half of the US working population relying on you and your company for their own employment, planning for a smooth transfer of your business with a properly executed plan is vital. 

Our process is designed to find real solutions for you and your firm. Whether a plan leads to a transition of your company to a relative, internal management buyout, an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), a strategic buyer or a financial buyer (such as private equity or a family office), we design a personalized strategy that effectively transfers the business in the most profitable, tax efficient, and least disruptive manner that will meet all of your goals.

Our transition planning can:

  • Help you assess your mental readiness to transfer the business that you built;

  • Help identify and close the value gap that may exist between your financial needs and the value of the business;

  • Help assure the ongoing concern of the business in the event of a premature demise, divorce or departure of a business partner;

  • Help determine the best potential transition strategy and identify the right option given your industry, your goals and your priorities;

  • For a family business, create a plan that mitigates issues that exist when transferring to a family member, while working with the entire family and management team to design the most effective and least disruptive transfer;

  • Model and compare different transfer scenarios such as an ESOP plan (S-corp vs. C-Corp comparisons, feasibility, tax impact and cash flow impact), an internal management buyout or buy-in, or selling to a financial or synergistic buyer;

  • Address the unique estate planning issues that affect all business owners, yet are often missed.