Finally, if you decide to sell your business (or to grow it through acquisition), we help simplify the process.  If you plan to sell your business, grow your business by raising capital through private equity or mezzanine financing, or grow through acquisition you inevitably enter the world of Mergers & Acquisitions.

The key to a successful and smooth M&A process is to hire the right M&A advisers and to hire them early in the process. Studies have found that by retaining M&A advisers, privately held business owners may receive significantly higher acquisition values or raise more capital with the least disruption to their business than had they attempted to go it alone.

The M&A process is not only a science but also is an art. Keeping disciplined throughout all phases of the process is an important role that we serve.

If you're a closely-held family business, we understand the intense family dynamics that may complicate any transfer transaction.  We serve as an objective third party that can help mitigate stress and maximize a successful outcome.

Throughout the M&A process, our goal is to increase your return on your investment, expedite the process and allow you to continue focusing on your company's profitability by:

  • Determining a maximum price for your business to transact, based on the type of buyer you would like to work with;

  • Putting together the “teaser” that will market the business and pique interest of appropriate buyers;

  • Arranging for non-disclosure documents to protect your confidential information from being disclosed to any third party;

  • Creating the confidential information memorandum (the "CIM" or “pitch book”) that explains your company and the unique strategic value you’ve built;

  • Working to provide indications of interest from potential buyers that will help you determine whether or not to proceed with an interested party;

  • Negotiating to attain a letter of intent;

  • Working with buyer or seller to achieve the right balance of capital structure for the transaction;

  • Striving for a purchase agreement that we will review with your attorney to assure it meets all of your stated objectives;

  • Keeping the process organized for a successful closing.